La Sauce Okonomi ! La Sauce Okonomi est maintenant
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totalement végétarienne ! 
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Que-ce que
Thé de Sayama?
Les caractéristiques du Sayama-cha voir plus
La capitale du
thé au Japon
Une vente limitée de
thés de Shizuoka commencera
dans notre boutique
Takumi Flavours.
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Boutique à Paris

101 bis Quai Branly, 75015 Paris

The term “takumi” in Japanese, designated a master/craftsman with knowledge and ancestral skill that he uses to create/produce something unique.
Please come to discover new products and works from different regions of Japan, such as Japanese tea, sake, soy sauce, senbei, furoshiki, Japanese pottery, indoor decorative items, and so much more in our shop: Takumi Flavours.

débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS

Presented for the first time in France

Discover new Japanese culinary products selected by French professionals

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