Hello and welcom to `` TAKUMI FLAVOURS ``

First of all, why ” TAKUMI FLAVOURS”?

The term “takumi” in Japanese, designated a master/craftsman with knowledge and ancestral skill that he uses to create/produce something unique.

After noticing that it was quite difficult to find out Japanese products in France, we had the idea to create TAKUMI FLAVOURS, which is a platform that offers to sell high-quality regional products from the Japanese farmers directly to French consumers.

If you check out our web site, you will have the opportunity to discover or to rediscover, with just a click, all the Japan’s wealth and with that we hope to enrich your culinary experience.
Wherever you are on this globe, please find out the “real” taste of Japan while taking part to develop Japanese local producers internationally.

“TAKUMI FLAVOURS: from producer to consumer”

TAKUMI FLAVOURS par Euro Japan Crossing

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