Yokan pastry bites with yuzu (: Japanese citrus) 50g

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yokan / yuzu

Our yuzu yokan bites are made with a white bean paste made from white “tebomame” beans harvested in Hokkaido, and Yuzu from Saitama prefecture. Thanks to the zest and juice of yuzu, this yokan is characterized in the mouth by its freshness. It does not contain additives, dyes or preservatives. You will be able to enjoy all the flavor of yuzu in its natural state.

Ingredients: sugar 46.46%,White beans 35.64%,starch syrup 10.48%,Yuzu 6.28%,agar 1.14%
Best before (See date on the packaging): 19/03/2022

5 in stock

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Founded in 1931, our company supplies Japanese cakes called “wagashi”, bread, red bean anko paste, as well as yokan pastries, which are used in the composition of ready meals. Thanks to 90 years of know-how in the gastronomic field, through the making of our products, our mission is to promote the terroir.

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