Handmade Washi dyed cards

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Washi (Japanese papier)/ Handmade card

To make this washi paper, the raw material is dyed directly in the paper machine shuttle. These cards contain high quality kozo mulberry fibers and are flexible and robust. If your printer has a paper feeder, you will be able to use them to make crisp prints in your home.

*Color not selectable. We choose a card color for you according to our availaible stocks.

1 in stock

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WanoKaze of Office Harvest


“Wa no kaze, the wind of Japan” is the name of a shop which represent Ogawa’s washi sheet. Those techniques, and their 1300 years of history has been passed down generations to generations. Our purpose is to pass them on to the next generation. We really hope that you enjoy its robust and “warm” texture.

Hoshokawa’s sheet is recognized for having the highest quality of Ogawa’s washi. In 1978 this technique was recognized as an immaterial cultural property of Japan. Also, in 2014 it has been registered in unesco’s intangible cultural heritage as a “Japanese handmade sheet washi-technical,” as well as Shimane’s “Banshi Sekishu” and the Gifu’s “Honmino-shi”

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